Puerto Vallarta is a popular beach resort with an active

There are many advantages to visiting Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. It is for one it is located close to America. United States, so it is a top tourist destination for Americans. In addition to its pleasant climate, the city has an incredible atmosphere and is located near an international airport. To have a more relaxing and easy journey, travelers are advised to rent a vehicle from Puerto Vallarta. If you’re not at ease driving, book a vehicle through the rental service such as Vallarta Adventures.

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The weather patterns can have a huge influence on the cost for hotels within Puerto Vallarta. Even though Puerto Vallarta sits near the Equator it is warmer all year. The rainy season runs from May through October. However, despite the heavy rains, it’s only brief and generally occurs at afternoon. Despite the rainy season the most ideal timing to go to Puerto Vallarta is between April to June.

There are a variety of excursions you can explore during your stay in Puerto Vallarta. Mountain biking and hiking within the hills, zip-lining and kayaking provide thrilling adventures. If you prefer more serene activities, there’s parasailing for an expansive view over the town and marine life. If you’re looking to take a stroll around the city make sure to explore the most historic colonial townslike San Sebastian del Oeste, that dates back to 1605. Along with the historic sites, be sure to look into Mascota and Talpa as they are both mining towns that were colonial in nature. In the Talpa area, you must go to the cathedral, which took over 100 years to construct.

Puerto Vallarta is a popular beach resort with an active nightlife. It hosts a lot of travelers who have chosen to make their home there. If you’re looking to unwind on the beach or take in live music, Puerto Vallarta offers something for anyone. If you decide to go to this town make sure you are ready for the unexpected! Be sure to carry your travel insurance and have fun in this beautiful town.

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